Stella Therapy Riding

‚ÄčA NJ Non Profit Corporation

1 Carlson Place

Pompton Plains, NJ, 07444.

"Our son Ethan started with Stella Therapy Riding in October 2011.  He began with side walkers and a leadline. Derek Drobenak has been Ethan's instructor for the past several years and with patience and kindness has given Ethan the confidence to become an independent rider.  Riding a horse can be an intimidating experience for anyone; however, through Derek's calm encouragement and support, Ethan's equestrian skills continue to grow, even demonstrating an independent canter on Leggs at the last Stella Riding Showcase. Ethan now also grooms and tacks his lesson horse under Derek's watchful eye. Derek also takes the time to explain what and why Ethan needs to do things to become a better rider. According to Ethan, riding horses help build his self-esteem and we couldn't agree more."                                                                                                                                     

                                                                                                             -Amy Z

                                                                                                               Stella Parent

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Stella Therapy Riding is a NJ Non Profit Corporation. We operate out of North Jersey Equestrian Center in Pompton Plains, NJ. We have many students and countless volunteers who make this program a success. Currently students in the program range in age of 6 to 65 years old. While many are on the autism spectrum, we also work with students with Cerebral Palsy, Depression, Anxiety, and Down's Syndrome.